CaReDi, increasingly green!

Another step forward!
As part of the process of achieving increasingly responsible energy efficiency, in February and April 2024, we installed 314 photovoltaic panels on our premises in Silea (TV), generating a total of 128 kW of power.

This change allows our production plant to rely on an ecologically sustainable system generating clean energy, saving more than 6 tonnes of CO2 emission, about 3 tonnes of oil equivalent or like an increase of plantation of 450 trees: an important step towards environmental and social sustainability, making us more energy independent of increasing our competitiveness and ability to satisfy our customers in the best possible way.

CaReDi at Pet Care Innovation & Digital Transformation

Glad for attending to the interesting meeting proposed by Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub of Lugano. Caredi thanks for the calibre of the event “Pet Care Innovation & Digital Transformation”.
Interesting speech by Mr Fabien Desiage, business & development manager of Nestlè Purina Europe about the great attention of the end customer to the quality of the product, a common commitment of the entire supply chain that CAREDI embraces and proposes as the first point, like supplier of pet food plants and turnkey feed mill plants in worldwide.

The reception and organisation of the event were excellent.
Michele Pizzolato thanks Carlo and Jelena of Dagorà for the kind invitation, Congrats!

CaReDi at FAZI 2022

CaReDi will attend this year at FAZI, the 94th edition of the Italian Agricultural Zootechnical Fair to be held on 21-22-23 October 2022.
On this occasion we will propose the solutions that CaReDi has to offer to the world of agriculture regarding the constant increases in the cost of energy, gas and electricity and the continuous changes that this sector is facing. Our strength, in addition to the tailor-made design of turnkey plants, are the Skiold disk mills.

SKIOLD disc mills are in fact composed of two opposing discs equipped with tungsten carbide plates, the same material used to produce cutting tools for industries. Since the motor is mounted directly on the rotating disc, the average energy consumption is only 5 kWh per ton, thus providing the same amount of ground product at almost half the energy required compared to a normal hammermill. if the product to be ground is flour for zootechnical breeding.


Fair info:
FAZI – Italian Zootechnical Agricultural Fair

Find out more about SKIOLD disc mills:
SKIOLD disc mills – The future of milling

50 Years of CaReDi

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, Ca.Re.Di. has decided to celebrate in the company of customers, suppliers, employees and historical friends.


An evening dedicated to the memory of how the company was born and of the people who were part of it, but also of what the future will be:
on the occasion of this event, in fact, the new corporate image was presented, which will support CaReDi and its products in a constantly evolving market.

CaReDi is the story of a dream.
The dream of three young Carlo Renzo and Dino, and of an entire generation, who in 1972 decided, with courage and tenacity, to start a new adventure. The dream at the beginning of only passion and honesty and which over the years updates and amplifies its goals, in the constant search for new solutions.
This is how a small workshop becomes a factory, the success of the machines and the demands of the market soon lead to the expansion, construction, diversification of plants and products.

And today, thanks to these dreamers, we can all celebrate this important milestone for CaReDi together.

CaReDi at Grain Tech Expo 2022

With the Grain Tech Expo Fair, the cycle of fairs in Eastern Europe concerning the cereal processing and agriculture sector ended.

Already present at Agro World 2022 in Kazakhstan and at Agros Expo 2022 in Moscow, we have made an important step to show the variety of services and products offered by Ca.Re.Di!


Grain Tech Expo is the International Exhibition of Innovative Solutions in the Field of Grain Processing, which was held in Kiev, Ukraine.
On this occasion we proposed our products, which as always stood out for their high customization possibilities and the indisputable quality resulting from Made in Italy production.

CaReDi at Agro World 2022

Agro World is one of the main Asian agricultural fairs with international participation held every year in Kazakhstan.


Here companies from all over the world show the latest trends, products and technologies of agriculture and agriculture.

This year, as every year, CaReDi also participates, as evidence of how Made in Italy combined with a studied design can always be synonymous with high quality.

CaReDi at Agros Expo 2022

The exhibition, held in Moscow, featured a full range of technologies for agricultural producers specializing in animal production: from growing, harvesting and processing feed, breeding and breeding of animals to the marketing and processing of agricultural products.
We will also participate in the fair that will close the cycle of these important presences, namely the Grain Tech Expo in Kiev.

In these events, we had the opportunity to illustrate to visitors the various services offered by CaReDi, namely the design – construction – installation of our Made in Italy machinery, created specifically for feed mills and grain processing plants.