Centrifugal separator

The centrifugal separator mod. SEC made by Ca.Re.Di srl is a machine belonging to the category of the separators with a wide employment on plant  that deal the working of bulk materials (ex. mill, feed mill, oil mills, cement factories, etc.).

The machine is perfect for the separation of foreign parts from bulk products in flour.

The member of separation is composed by one rotor with serrated and tilted blades, usually in steel, mounted to the external part of the rotor allowing to the stranger bodies (refuse) to put forward  towards  the head drainage, while the product passing through circular sieve in perforated sheet-steel is discharged in the central hopper.

The capacity of the machine is according to the working material.

The feeding of the material is forced by a coil screw to the inside of the sieve.

The output of the product happens in the central hopper, while the refuse is left out in the second hopper on the machines’ head.






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