Belt conveyor

The conveyor to tape mod. TN produced from the Ca.Re.Di s.r.l.  is a machine pertaining to the category of the conveyors and finds wide employment on systems that deal the working of bulk materials (ex. mill, feed mill, oil mills, etc.).

It's fundamental an apparatus adapted for the horizontal and tilted transport of such materials.

The transport element is constituted from a tape conveyor, supported and pulled ahead from two pulley, one said of towing situated in in the head of the conveyor which serves from drive wheel in how much it receives the movement from the motor group, and one is said of dismissal situated on the tail of the same conveyor.

The feeding of the material, or entered, happens in the advanced part of the tape, and usually is guaranteed from one cargo hopper apt to receive the material, and convey to the inside of the conveyor. The expulsion of the material happens through the hopper of drainage situated in the inferior part of the machine.


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